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Review of ‘Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide’ in

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 27, 2008

2008 additions: Two books by Jonathan Chamberlain.

[The following two reviews are by P. Feist, 9/08]

Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health. By Jonathan Chamberlain. 2008, Clairview Books.

Cancer Recovery Guide is intended as a quick run-through of the current strategies for fighting cancer via complementary and alternative methods. Fifteen strategies are listed, from emotional/psychological aspects in “Embrace Hope – Cancer is Curable” and “Love and Forgive Yourself and Others”, to treatment aspects such as “Empower the Body” and “Feed the Body with the Right Nutrients”.

Cancer, The Complete Recovery Guide. By Jonathan Chamberlain. 2008, Long Island Press.

Cancer, The Complete Recovery Guide is a long and detailed book, expanding on the shorter Cancer Recovery Guide. Covered are methods for reducing the side effects of conventional chemotherapy and radiation, the importance of attitude and emotions, and numerous therapies outside conventional western medical treatments. Well-covered are herbal and vitamin strategies. I think these books are useful to anyone who wants to sift through the current (2008) CAM strategies. The books are upbeat, clearly written, easy to read, and well-referenced. I like how the author’s foreword addresses the situation where you are helping someone who has cancer, and the fact that not everyone wants information or that you may disagree, and the importance of relationships in fighting cancer. More information on Jonathan Chamberlain’s web site.

As a side note, Jonathan sent me copies of his books, and I was going to offer to send these review copies on to someone else on the his list of potential reviewers. This did not happen because, quite frankly, I especially wanted to keep the Complete Recovery Guide because it is an excellent, up-to-date resource. I am the list administrator for several ACOR pediatric cancer support lists, and often need to look something up, as many listmembers are interested in CAM. [PF]


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