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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 11, 2008

Steve Martin at reports this personal story:

Natural Medicine Treatment for Primary Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer (originates in the liver) and liver metastasis from other organs are considered fatal diseases. Maybe not…

The following email was recently sent to me by Larry, a Grouppe Kurosawa member.

Dr. Martin and fellow Kurosawa blog members:

I have an update to all. This is the post I  made on the GK discussion group on July 19th of this year:

The following is the protocol that I am currently on. I will post as to my progress and welcome anyone’s feed back. I am battling to stay alive. I have been diagnosed with Primary liver cancer. I have a number of lesions in my liver, nowhere else. I am currently seeing an oncologist and taking a medication called Nexavar for Primary Liver Cancer (HCC) and have been on it for about a month. I will have MRI in Aug. to see about progress..
I was on the liver transplant list back in April but was bumped off because my cancer spread and I no longer met the criteria for the transplant.
So here I am.
Please, if anyone has any feedback, give it to me. I am currently other than severely fatigued because of the Nexavar, in very good health (ha ha)…no seriously, I am. My liver function is perfectly normal. I have great hope that something will break my way, but am also a realist. My attitude is excellent, God has given great strength and let me keep my sense of humor.
I really believe that what Dr. Martin is doing makes a lot of sense, much more that what I was doing before. At least there’s science behind everything he is recommending here…

Glutamine 50g a day
Sodium Selenite 1 mg a day
Lithium Orotate 56.4mg a day
Policosanol 20mg a day
Vitamin B1 1g a day
Vitamin  D3 10,000 IU a day
Vitamin A 50,000 IU a day
Melatonin 10mg ea. night
Zinc Zulfate 50mg a day
Curcumin dissolved in Flax seed oil 12 g a day
Flax Hull lingans , SDG 30/60 mg/g 10g a day
Full Spectrum Amino Acid capsules (Prolab) 6 capsules a day

Ok. that was then. Now for the update. Please realize that I had primary liver cancer (HCC) since Jan. of ’08 and the cancer was allowed to spread from Jan. until mid-June when I started on Dr. Martin’s protocol and a pharmaceutical called Nexavar (a multi kinase inhibitor).

So, when I was checked at the end of Aug. the MRI showed that lesions had grown in size and cancer had progressed but had not metatastized. I also had blood work which showed normal liver function. The oncologist told me that it could be the medication was not working and that she was suprised liver function was still normal but to expect the worst. They were going to check me with CT-scan in 6 weeks and do labs in 2 weeks.

I called Dr. Martin and told him of the setback. He proposed that I up the ante. The following is the protocol I have been doing since end of August:

Glutamine 70g a day ( I weigh 190 lbs.)
Sodium Selenite 1 mg a day
Lithium Orotate  56.4mg a day
Policosanol 20mg a day
Benfotiamine (more bioavailable form of B1 or thiamine)  1 g + 500 mg a day
Vitamin  D3 10,000 IU a day
Vitamin A 1000,000 IU a day
Zinc Zulfate 50mg a day
Flax Hull lingans , SDG 30/60 mg/g 10g a day
And added:
Cimetidine 1g a day
Sulindac  600 mg a day
DCA 1 g a day dissolved in the l-Glutamine and water  (started this Sept. 7)
3 or 4 cups of double strength Black tea (two tea bags)

In a few days I am going to add:

Mebendazole (the worm pill) 100 mg 2x a day for 5 days and then see how I feel. And discuss with Dr. Martin.

Got the labwork back yesterday (Sept.9) and oncologist said to me…”I am really quite suprised, your liver function is perfectly normal! And your liver is normal size, soft, as normal as mine. Maybe something is working because clinically you are stable. This is a good deal. I am going to look into clinical trials for you at M.D. Anderson and Baylor because as long as you are clinically stable you have for options for treatment.”

So. I went from you don’t have long to live at end of Aug. to “maybe something is working’? this past week. I, of course, don’t know what is going on but can tell you that I have very good energy during the day, I sleep well at night , eat and breathe normally. This is a big deal. I am prepared to die but at the same time I will take any bit of light that comes my way and dance with it.

Will up date Dr. Martin in Oct. when I have my Cat-Scan . Hope this helps someone. I know one thing, Dr. Martin’s protocol has caused me no adverse effects, there is a lot of good science behind everything he is recommending. To me, it is a no brainer.

One more thing: In August after my MRI my oncologist who knew I was juicing every morning said “STOP JUICING”. Dr. Martin has over and over said ‘NO ANTIOXIDANTS!”
I am convinced. They feed your cancer.

Onward through the fog…as we used to say in my college days. Nothing has changed really.  I will keep all you good people in my thoughts and prayers.

Larry B.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This book is more valuable than gold.”



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