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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 10, 2008

Nice Quote:

“The major institution that is killing us is the legal entity called the corporation.

The corporation protects its investors from liability.  They are not personally

responsible for what the corporation does and you have the making of a

monster – anything goes in corporate America.  Whatever will make money and

if it hurts people, too bad, its is their tough luck.  If it gives them breast cancer,

to0 bad it is their bad luck.  We will sell them mammograms as a sideline and

make even more money.  But we won’t make steps to prevent the breast cancer

until we fix this corporation structure, until we fix this legal entity, we are doomed.” Peter Montague, PHD, Enviornmental Reserch Foundation

Quoted from “Rachel’s Daughters: Searching For The Causes Of Breast Cancer”

Peter Montague is co-founder and director of Environmental Research Foundation (E.R.F.) in Annapolis, Maryland. The purpose of E.R.F. is to offer community organizations information about environmental problems and the technologies and policies that might contribute to their solution. Mr. Montague edits E.R.F.’s weekly newsletter, Rachel’s Environment Health News. Rachel’s provides grass-roots community groups with technical information about human health and chemical contamination in an understandable form. Back issues of Rachel’s can be found on E.R.F.’s bilingual (English and Spanish) web-site, <>


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