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What’s in OPC? – formula change

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 5, 2008

Marc Swanepoel reports:

My mixture initially consisted of Agaricus mushroom, Oleander, Pau D’Arco and Cat’s Claw. It was called Agaricus OPC (the initials of the last 3 ingredients) . When I changed the mixture to Sutherlandia and Oleander, the name was already well known and I decided to keep the OPC part – thus Sutherlandia OPC (now standing for Sutherlandia Oleander Purified Concentrate) .


One Response to “What’s in OPC? – formula change”

  1. I have spent thousands of hours researching alternative cancer therapies and supplements, and authored a book and numerous articles on the subject. Oleander is by far the most potent cancer fighter and immune booster I have found and Ssutherlandia OPC is the most effective supplement making use of this magical plant.

    Mr. Swanepoel has done a commendable service with the Sutherlandia OPC product (not to be confused with an herbal product called simply OPC) which has saved and improved the lives of countless cancer sufferers and thousands of HIV victims as well in South Africa and around the world.

    For more information, please refer to “The Oleander Series” of articles at

    There is also a Yahoo Health Group with almost 1000 members centered around the use of oleander for cancer, HIV, Hep-C and more which is titled “Oleandersoup” (after the oleander home remedy that can be made at home):

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