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Vernon’s story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 5, 2008

I was diagnosed with agressive prostate cancer 6 months
ago by one set of doctors. A second opinion from an oncologist
concurred with their original findings that I had Class IV cancer in
the pelvic area. The second opinion went even further by saying that
he found more than the original diagnosis.

Since there is no class V, I figured I was toast, so I had nothing to
lose in trying Cesium. Well, I ordered my bottle of Cesium, but as
luck would have it, it got lost in the mail. In this case luck was on
my side. Instead of waiting around, I tried Baking Soda[Arm & Hammer]
Except since bone cancer seems to be a tough one to crack I added
some molasses to it to act as a carrier. Apparently cancer just loves
sugar. So Brer’ Rabbit Molasses was my sugar.

Bottom line was when I went in for another bone scan (the doctors
wanted to know how far the bone cancer advanced) I received the
report in the mail that made me bawl like a baby. It said “No
convincing evidence on an osseous metastatic process”. Then I got
another letter from my urologist stating, “Your bone scan showed no
evidence that prostate cancer is in your bone. This is good news”.
Yeah, no kidding!

My PSA went from 22 to 0.1…Since then it has moved to 0.2

Is it only the Baking Soda. No…Other key ingredients for me
were/are Family Love, A Desire to Do Things and Do them I did even if
I felt it was no use, or a waste because I was dying anyway; A strong
belief that my body should naturally be healthy (actually a knowing
that my body should naturally be healthy); and by not focusing on the
diagnosis or curing myself, but focusing on the positive dynamics of
being a human being.

What has happened since is that the doctors can’t believe it and are
trying hard to give me back their bone cancer. They hit me with
another test. This time another CT Scan. Still no conclusive
evidence of bone cancer. They found other goodies, but not what they
were looking for.

I am doing baking soda again. Not necessarily for cancer, but for
Gout. I took myself off of Alopurinol. I was getting a rash. I was
doing 1 teaspoon of BS in 1 cup of water twice a day. Recently raised
it to 3 a day. When I say not necessarily cancer I mean sort of for
cancer. Why? Because the prostate cancer is probably still doing its
dirty dance in my body. I did Cesium, but do not know what damage it
did to the cancer in my prostate. I am assuming that it oxygenated
enough to kill a lot of cancer. As well as I suspect the Baking Soda
did too. My pH with BS and with Cesium got close to 8.5. It held on
both substances at 8.0 or higher for 5 days.

Does that help you? Do you have more questions? And by the way, I did
not tell the doctors what I am doing. They would only try and talk me
out of it. Hah! Fat Chance….

I also ran across, quite miraculously, someone who introduced my to
Deep Nose Breathing. He has quite a story. So…focused and relaxed
breathing is another ingredient I am tossing in the mix. I am
currently on a minumum 3 hours a day for 8 days doing the focused
breathing. Lots of Oxygen going into my system, isn’t there? I feel
very good about it.

Also did I mention that when I was diagnosed with Class IV Bone
that I was also playing games with some heart stuff. That too
has improved…. ..vernonb

Comment: In this story, you are seeing molasses simply as a sweetener – but it is much more than that. It is a very rich mix of minerals. I believe that cancer could be a mineral deficiency disease ( I found Percy Weston’s experiences described in his book Cancer: Cause and Cure to be very persuasive) – interestingly both molasses and Percy’s Powder (the mineral mix that Percy Weston came up with) both contain iron which most cancer nutritionists  say is a big no-no (because cancer cells have a high need of iron) – it seems however that the iron may be beneficial for some reason. Alternatively, if you are taking Percy’s powder or molasses then take artemisinin (an extract or wormwood) as well as this reacts with the iron in a way tha kills cancer cells.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“Thanks for the book. It’s very user-friendly.”



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