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evidence-based religion?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 5, 2008

As children we readily believe that which we are taught by adults who
care for us. There is much comfort in this for the worried but
trustful child. There is a survival advantage too. But, as adults
struggling in a marginally comprehensible world we yearn for the
calming comfort of simple beliefs. As few childhood beliefs can be
supported by evidence many adults will ignore evidence and wrap
themselves in a cocoon of blind faith. Other adults choose to keep
their childhood faith, but their equally strong appreciation of the
value of evidence forces them into a never-ending search to make the
two congruent, hence, evidence-based religion.

This is foolishness. If religious acceptance were simply a matter of
following the laws of evidence and logic, then all religions would
have the means to reconcile all beliefs. This will never happen
because the true foundation of religion is one of culture and
values. It is a waste of time to fret over the existence of navels
on Adam and Eve, but true religion can assist many who seek moral
guidance in a world of conflicting values.



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