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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 27, 2008

Allen commented in a Yahoo health group discussion:

We have used it (PolyMVA) in multiple cancers in our family. Seems to work
better in solid tumor cancers and inconjuction with CoQ10 and immune
boosting therapies. They are working with a cancer foundation and a
quality of life study that helps offset the cost of the product
bringing it under 600.00/month.

In maximum use you only need to take for 3-6months typically then you
taper back to a maintance dose. In comparison to what clinics and
others are charging it is a bargain for what and how it was designed
to work. http://electrogenet

The last i heard they are going through safety trials that were FDA
approved and then they will move to phase 2 human trials with the
compound. I dont know of any other proprietary supplement that is
being used directly for trials.

The tremendous results an oncologist Dr. Forsythe recieved in using
it in over 207 cancer patients all stage 4 was impressive and what
led to the trials and FDA approval.

Thats my experinces, good luck,

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