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IV vitamin C – negative view

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 12, 2008

We have found zero results with high dose I.V. Vit C in many cancer patients. It has shown continued cancer growth seen in combination of other methods. This was only a caution to those simply depend on Vit C ignoring other methods.

This is what we advise – to consume VitC in natural form. This applies even to other valuable vitamins and minerals. Of course eating only Asparagus wouldn’t cure cancers.

Vincent wrote:
Fresh asparagus is very high in ascorbate: 2,500 calories can contain
as much as 12 grams. Seven years ago I got a call from an elderly
woman with non-small cell lung cancer. She had no money for the
usual meds. I told her to eat plenty of asparagus with every meal
even if it came from a can. What would she be afraid of — getting
cancer 30 years from now? The woman is still alive with no evidence
of cancer.


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