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Sunburn healing experiences

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 2, 2008

Here are some comments and suggestions by members of various yahoo health groups.


Rhoda says the answer is to mix a nontoxic skin lotion  with flax oil, reapplied as often as necessary – good for preventing sunburn and healing the skin that has been badly burnt – and even long term skin problems.


Melly says that coconut oil is good “when applied on sunburns/kitchen burns with blisters, removes pain and also if you apply at night and wrap the injured area, the next morning, it is like nothing happened to it.”


For Kelly the answer is lavender essential oil – my own favourite – and a homoeopathic remedy called cantharis

Nonie suggested using mustard on the burn – said it had worked for her


Renee’s story was interesting and so I will quote it in full:

I totally eliminated my sunburn in 3 days using chaparral tincture!  I am fair skinned and burn easily.  This spring I was out in the sun for 4 hours.  It was cool and windy and so I never gave the sun a thought, and after visiting with a friend for 4 hours outside, when I got into my car to go home I felt heat on my face.  An hour later, when I got home, and looked in the mirror, my face was burnt, along with my upper chest that shown above my shirt.  Now normally, this would mean days of pain and then my skin would peel and I’d look like a lizard with all that loose, white, peeling skin. The only thing I had on hand was chap tincture, made from vodka and dried chaparral that I had purchased on line.  I immediately poured a tiny bit in my hand and then rubbed it all over the burn.  I did this about 5 times the rest of that day, and by evening the pain was less than half.  My skin felt very dry from the alcohol so the last time, before bed, I put on some store bought skin cream.  Next day I did this routine again, only for 4 times, and had no pain at all by that afternoon.  This time, after each chap application I put on some cream to help with the dryness.  I noticed that my skin looked as if it actually had a tan!  I realized this actually came from the chap tinc as it is very dark brown and has a tendency to slightly stain the skin.  But because I don’t tan (I simply burn, peel and new skin stays white for the next burn) this “fake” tan looked nice. By the third day I only applied the tinc once, and never did I experience any more burning or any peeling at all.  I have heard that for a large sun burn over the body you can put dried chap herb into bath water and it will relieve the burn.  I believe it now.  I’m glad I tried the chap tinc because now, though I do avoid burning, when it accidently happens again I’ll know how to avoid the whole burn pain and peeling scenario.  I am also going to try it as a sun burn preventative next time I’m going to be outside for a length of time. 

Aja recommended a product called AstaZan. “I bought some for a family member who doesn’t use cancer-causing sunscreens. Well, he got through our southern hemisphere summer without burning despite working as a volunteer in a community organic garden. He is a red head.  It contains astaxanthin, Vitamin E, lutein and GE free safflower oil.”

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“Your book has enabled me to keep positive over the past terrible months.”


2 Responses to “Sunburn healing experiences”

  1. Carl said

    Did you know that, according to a UK study, sun tan lotion is not effective against skin cancer and only protects your skin cosmetically? The only real protection is from the inside, by eating healthy!

  2. If you are suffering from sunburn or an insect bite and red skin appears, try using Aloette’s Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream. Homoeopathic Remedy

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