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Colour therapy: personal experiences

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 1, 2008

You asked for some info on personal results using colour…When I was working with a doctor in Brisbane we used colour for quite a lot of ailments .Some results stand out more than others in particular a Quantas airline steward who had full blown AIDS .He was back at work after 2 months..Another patient male late 70s with Diabetis,blood sugarlevel 24.7 and Insulin 3 times a day, when I saw him the last time he had had six treatments,his blood-sugar level had dropped to 7,2 and he had not used Insulin for two weeks.I did not see him again but believe he had another treatment after that…

   Using a combination of colour and Zeolite we treated a lady with cancer of thr Uterus spots on liver and lungs.she had 6 or 8 I recollect when she got a all clear scan…
    Using just Zeolite…. A personal frind of mine, age 44 bedridden suffering from leukemia,given 3 to 4 monts to live by his doctors…I gave him 2 bottles of my own Zeolite to try at 6 by 10 drops a day.
    When I called by his house 9 days later he was overhauling the Outboard on his big boat,he was going deepsea fishing for the first time in 18 months..The rest is history. he has had the all-clear and is back working as a foreman in a House-removal Company…….
    Another friend had lung cancer and early stages of prostate cancer..Once again 6 times 10 drops a day…
he got the all-clear after 5 weeks….
    Well, Jonathan this will do for now I will send you some info by mail with a couple of pic’s of the equipmen I make for the colour treatment…
    Would you e-mail me your current Adress please as i don’t seem to have a mailing adress for you anywhere….

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