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Aids cure according to Steve Martin

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 23, 2008

The End of AIDS. Summary

In this essay, I am going to attempt to put together a viable HIV treatment protocol. I have tried this in the past, but the protocols did not work to my satisfaction. Go here goes…

First and foremost, the final phase of the disease, AIDS, must be reversed. I realize that this sounds impossible but it really isn’t. AIDS, in my opinion, is characterized by a steadily progressing glucosteroid insensitivity. Virtually every clinical symptom associated with AIDS is identifical to that associated with adrenocortical insufficiency. Methylprednisolone, in low hormone replacement doses, has been used to block proinflammatory induced shock and death. This hormone can also be used to block the extreme inflammatory response that drives HIV infections into AIDS. Further, it can be used to reverse AIDS into a more benign viral infection, while restoring total body homeostasis.

Glutamine, in 50 gram doses, 25 grams twice a day in juice, is used to complement the low dose glucosteroid treatment. Glutamine also inhibits PI-3K/AKT signaling, thereby causing the death of long term viral reservoirs in macrophages.

ONLY glutamine and methylprednisolone are used to reverse AIDS. NOTHING ELSE.

Once AIDS is reversed, we can breathe freely while we attempt to erradicate the virus from the body.

When the body has stabilized and appetite and strength have returned, we can drop the methylprednisolone and concentrate on reactiving the immune response against the virus.

Low hormone replacement doses of methylprednisolone are not immunosuppressive. That is a contradiction in terms.

I want to strongly emphasize that the CD4 T cell count is irrelevant for our purposes here. It is a poor indicator of clinical status. There are people who have CD4 T cell counts of 10 who are not sick. Naturally, their innate immune response is still functioning. The innate arm of cellular immunity has nothing to do with CD4 T cells.

Second phase.

Hopefully, the glucosteroids have substantially reduced reduced the synthesis of TNF and other pro-inflammatory hormones that drive HIV infections into AIDS.

In this phase, we will use 50 mgs of elemental zinc per day. Zinc sulfate capsules of 220 mgs or so contain about 45-50 mgs of actual zinc. I capsule per day. The bottle will tell you how much zinc is present in each capsule. Do not exceed 50 mgs of zinc a day.

As I have written, zinc activates the entire immune response. Zinc also specifically activates PI-3K/AKT signaling, which is absolutely required for T cell development.

Glutamine and arginine are necessary for proper immune functioning. If your appetite has returned, a person can get all the necessary glutamine and arginine from the diet. Arginine is found in high concentrations in nuts. High dose glutamine supplements are not necessary in this phase.

Alpha lipoic acid and n-acetylcysteine, taken together, will help to rebuild the glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is necessary proper immune functioning. It is usually depleted in HIV infections.ALA works in the presence of retroviral drugs, but NAC does not. Together, they may help to increase the CD4 T count in the presence of these drugs. But don’t hold your breath. Retroviral drugs are immunosuppressive. They may drop the viral titer, but they rarely increase the CD4 T cell counts.

The ALA dose is 300 mgs three times a day. The NAC dose is 600 mgs twice a day. ALA will also regenerate vitamin C and vitamin E in the body. You can take these supplements also, but not in excessive doses.


The immune system is quite durable. If you can remove the toxic factors which inhibit its activity, such as excessive TNF, FAS, and TRAIL apoptosis responses, it will regenerate itself.

In the first phase, we are attempting to reduce glucosteroid responses using low dose hormone replacement doses. This will act to inhibit the inflammatory response that is driving the disease. Glutamine restores homeostasis in the body, while killing long term macrophage viral reservoirs by blocking PI-3K/AKT activity. 

In the second phase we are attempting to support an enhanced immune response against the virus. We are not attempting to “activate” the immune response against the virus. The HIV virus and virally infected cells are very immunogenetic. In the absence of interfering factors, the immune cells will rapidly clear the virus. Thousands if not millions of people have been exposed to the HIV virus yet they remain healthy. Many of these people are seronegative, which means that the virus didn’t last long enough in the body to stimulate an antibody response.

Pass this series of essays along to your friends. I realize that many physicians are afraid to prescribe glucosteroids to HIV infected persons because of a fear of immunosuppression. Hormone replacement doses are not immunosuppressive.The hormone replacement dose is only temporary anyway, but it MUST be used. If you don’t inhibit the activity of the death hormones TNF, FAS and TRAIL, the disease process will continue. If you have money or insurance, you can elect to remain on HIV drugs until they eventually fail. Of course, your immune system will never reestablish itself due to the immunosuppressive nature of these drugs. Unfortunately most of the world has no access to these drugs so protocols like this are ideal.

It’s worth a try. Nothing else is working.

Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest


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