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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 20, 2008



Over the last six years or so, I’ve had a sporadic correspondence with Jonathan Chamberlain. I knew we shared a passion to get the word out about gentle, non-toxic ways to heal cancer and that he had written several books on the subject. But I was not prepared for the experience I got when I read his new book he sent me a couple of weeks ago. This is an incredibly informative and useful book. Every one of you need it in your library. Jonathan’s book is called “Cancer — The Complete Recovery Guide.”

Here’s what he says about his intent in writing this book:

“The book is intended to provide the argument in favour of following the alternative route — in a clear, thoughtful and reasoned way. It also provides wht is a near comprehensive list of what is available and what the reasoning and evidence is supporting these various approaches.”

This is, from now on, my primary encyclopedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment. For example, Jonathan has a whole section on natural pain killers that work for cancer pain. He, of course, explains the fallacies of “trusting your doctor” and doing chemotherapy and/or radiation. But he still devotes a whole section of this great book to natural substances which offset the side effects of these two “barbaric” treatments for those who insist on submitting to them.

His Section 3 on “Complementary & Alternative Approaches” covers 255 pages of well- indexed explanations of everything I’ve ever heard of and lots more. It covers “Acai” “BioBran” to “Zeolite” and “Zyflamend” and everything in between in easy to understand layman language. This book is the result of years of research. Jonathan has produced a resource that will hold it’s value indefinitely. I urge you to buy this book. Be sure to express your opinion about it on

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