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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 18, 2008

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The following article, published in the 1994 edition of Discover Magazine, changed my life. I am an immunologist whose primary research interest is the effect of glucosteroids (hydrocortisone, dexamethasone, prednisone) on the immune system. After reading this article, I began to quietly cry. Finally, I knew what was driving the terminal phase of AIDS.

The article speaks for itself.

This woman was two days, max, away from dying of advanced AIDS. The physicians gave her a hormone replacement dose, probably of prednisone, and she walked out of the hospital three days later. In one month she had gained 25 pounds. Six months later she remained healthy and was back at work.

A hormone replacement dose is a small dose given to people who show signs of adrenal insufficiency. A pharmacological dose is used to treat serious inflammatory diseases. However, these high doses can only be taken for a short period of time.

A physician at the University of Pittsburgh has argued for years that a hormone replacement dose of glucosteroids can largely prevent shock and death. A pharmacological dose makes the situation worse, because the body senses the high concentration of hormone and blocks its ability to bind the glucosteroid receptor. This is a normal feedback response. This physician has been attacked for years by the medical whores who are paid consultants for the pharmaceutical industry. They want to sell expensive drugs to treat shock.

The following study shows that low glucosteroid doses inhibited inflammation and organ failure in shock, while high doses did nothing.

Shock basically refers to vascular collapse. When your blood pressure drops too low, you die. Inflammatory hormones such as TNF, tumor necrosis factor, are responsible for shock and death. Low doses of glucosteroids inhibit the synthesis of TNF, but high doses do not.
In the next essay, I will present current evidence that TNF, its receptors and other death hormones such as FAS are responsible for the progression from HIV infection to actual AIDS. This inflammatory response can be controlled or corrected by low dose glucosteroid therapy and/or zinc sulfate supplementation. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true.
Ms Kaye walked out of hospital because the low dose glucosteroid dose she was given terminated the inflammatory response that was killing her.
I gave a short talk over ten years ago to some AIDS doctors from UCSF in San Francisco. It was in the evening and everyone was tired and hungry. When I mentioned that low dose glucosteroid therapy could block the terminal phase of AIDS by inhibiting the inflammatory hormones driving the disease, no one responded. Except one woman physician who was listening intensively. She gave prednisone to an AIDS patients for some inflammatory problem and he disappeared. When she asked one of his friends about his wheareabouts, she was told that he was “off climbing mountains somewhere”.
Stay tuned…
Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest


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