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curing cancer of the colon… and other cancers

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 10, 2008

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Account of a healing programme posted on a yahoo health group:

Just went through having cancer that was in my colon and did
radiation and only 11 days of chemo becasue it almost killed me.

Then they wanted to cut out most of my colon.

I did not do the surgery but instead did.

(1)avoided sugar like the plague (used stevia)

resonablely avoided anything that makes glucose. Soft drinks (ALL are
bad) sugarless are very bad also and are very acid.

(most alternative people will tell you cancer grows in an acid
enviorment) google it.

(2) made a Ozone sauna and used it. (excersise is also good as it
gets oxygen into the body if they feel up to it. I didn’t)

(3) Alkaline water and alkaline diet google alkaline water and diet.
lots of jucing! also.

Do a PH on the person – should be 6 to 6.5 for good alkaline.

(4) Immunocal makes your own body build glutethion. (do research on
your own)

http://www.immunotec. com/may google it and even look on (this
one is a biggie)

(5) check out graviola

(6) check out cesium must be used with potasium (is absorbed by the
cells and makes them very alkaline.

(7) VERY , VERY important do liver cleanse if you over toxify the
liver in killing the cancer you could damage or destry the liver and
then, nothing else matters !

Last 3 times I was tested they found no signs of cancer

And it at one time had spead to my liver, lungs and pancreas. Could
come back and hit me tomorrow but so far so good!!

(A) make the body alkaline , for a bad envoiment for cancer to grow
and good for the body.
(B) Avoid sugar or glucose (feeds the cancer) per most alt people.
(C) build the immune system ( Immunocal )
(D) Clean the LIVER **** ! ! !
(E) use things to attack the cancer (cecium+potasium, graviola etc)
(F) Give the body proper nourishment . Live foods, fruits and veggies
(G) Address emotional issues check out EFT and B.E.S.T. This is
(H) Avoid negative TV!! no rape murder and incest dramas, no
killing , little or no news. Watch Funny things like funniest videos
and national geographics or public tv. It affects you more than you
think. Do Bible reading!!

also on the immunocal I am a dist but you can get it through me or
anyone but I am telling you it really works!!

Have seen it help several people.

Had a friend go on a vendetta against it. (because it is multilevel)
for over a year then he got protate cancer and I gave him some now he
tells others about it.

I learned when a neighbor had his son in law ge tleukeimia and they
gave him 2 weeks to live , he took it and some herbal tea and it has
been over 2 years now and still no sign of the leukemia but his ia
really an unusuall case but sure got my attention.

he went to 3 Dr’s at 3 hospitals. and all said he was going to die.
He proved them wrong!

Sorry to bother you but I just had to share my sucess !
It worked for me and want to tell others.


PS: I still have all my colon !


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This book helps put things in perspective.”



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