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account of energy healing

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 10, 2008

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Felicity posted this on a yahoo health group:

My name is Felicity and in March of 07 I was diagnosed with ovarian
cancer. By March of 08 it had progressed to stage 4, spreading to my
liver, lungs, and lymph nodes. On my brothers recommendation in
Oklahoma, I contacted a gentleman by the name of Kurt Peterson. He is
an energy healer. I went to Chicago at the end of April after speaking
with him and setting up an appointment there to see him. He gave me an
energy treatment which seemed to me to be him just keeping his hands
pressed against various parts of my body. I felt no changes or any
type of differences. Two weeks later, I woke up feeling much better.
At the end of May, my doctor said that tumor on my left lung had shrunk
and that the cancer seemed to be retreating. We put this down to the
effects of the Chemotherapy that I was receiving. By June, all of the
cancer had disappeared in my body, and today I am feeling great and
starting my life over again. I just wanted to share this story with
the group. With the moderators permission, I would like to mention Mr.
Petersons website if anyone would like to see it. It changed my life!
(my doctor says it was the chemo, but I believe it was the energy
treatment).. .The website is cancertouch. com Thanks for this great
group. There should be more research into alternative treatments I

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”



7 Responses to “account of energy healing”

  1. Thanks for your post Felicity. I originally read it about 6 months ago and it motivated me to try Kurt out. I went to see him in Phoenix a couple of months ago. Like yourself, I am also in remission now. I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about him. I don’t think I would have made it without the information and following through with it.. Thanks again!


    • Sudipta said

      Hi, Angela, just wanted to knwo whetehr its true about Dr Kurt Peterson or its fake.My Mom is suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer and I am desperatley looking for a treatment.So let me know is this real or fake about Dr Kurt Peterson.

  2. Dear Felicity. I also was motivated by reading your e-mail about your treatment with Kurt. I went and saw him in May of 2010 to be treated for lung cancer. Like Angela, I am now also in remission. It amazes me that the popular press hasn’t picked up on Kurt and his amazing abilities. I guess it’s because he purposely lays low to keep his privacy. I wanted to thank you for posting your comments as I would never have known about him if you hadn’t. God bless you.


  3. John said

    I have a website, , where I like to profile people that have found healing from “incurable diseases”. For some time, I’ve wanted to interview someone who had found healing from Kurt Peterson. Would anyone reading this who has found healing from Kurt Peterson be open to an interview? This would help a lot of people.

  4. Kim Jensen said

    Hi Felicity. I recently saw Kurt in New York City. While not in remission, I certainly feel better physically and am more motivated to beat this. Like Nicholas I can’t believe that some news agency like 60 minutes hasn’t spot lighted Kurt! Prior to seeing him I communicated with half a dozen terminal patients who were all cured. There really needs to be a website that is strictly dedicated to Kurt and his success cases. Thank you Felicity!

  5. My father is suffering from lung cancer 4th stage. I got to know of Kurt peterson through google serach. Kindly let me know if the patients in remission are still free of cancer. Thanks in advance!

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