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Liquid Sodium Selenite

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 2, 2008

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The Power of Selenium

Selenium is well known to be protective against cancer. Here liquid selenium in the form of sodium selenite (obtainable from is proposed as a useful treatment against brain cancers.

Posting from Steve Martin at

Selenium is a metal that is necessary for the functioning of many enzymes. In high concentrations, it depletes glutathione thereby inducing autophagy and apoptosis. I have written about these topics before.

In the first essay referenced, I recommended that liquid sodium selenite be introduced into the nose to treat brain cancer. SS does not harm normal neurons, but it does promote the death of gliomas by the depletion of glutathione. The following is the story of a member whose breast cancer metastasized throughout her entire body, including the brain. There is no trace of cancer in her brain any longer.

Hi Steve,

Here is the story about the brain mets from my wife Ria.

My wife is suffering from breast cancer since 10 years. It has metastasized to the sternum, lungs, liver, neck, middle spine and lower spine.

In the past years she had all the treatments you can think of. In 2004 FAC chemo removed the mets in the lungs and made the tumour in the liver a lot smaller. The rest of this liver met we had removed by laser (LITT) in Frankfurt. They do not know the treatment in Holland.

The first time there was a met in the neck it was discovered too late by the doctors (actually they denied it). That is why my wife has two paralyzed hands and all of her fingers. So since three years she cannot do anything by herself. Just nothing at all, so I do it for her. She got radiation 5 times. After 8 months the tumor in the neck was back. Second time radiation (5 times).

One year later she had mets in the lower spine on different places. This meant that the cells were spreading through the liquor along the spine and the head. Radiation followed on lower spine.

Last October my wife had mets on the middle part of the spine. This time she got Taxol chemo. After three weeks of taxol (weekly) she got problems in the right side of her face and her right eye. MRI scan showed a tumour on the right side of the truncus cerebri (do not know the English translation) and different small mets all over the meninges in the head.

In November 2007 So then she got whole brain radiation. Five times (during one week). We had just started to take DHA – 15 capsules per day. (

She continued taking these DHA capsules during radiation and after following you advise.

Just before the start of and radiation she had a ruffling sound an high sound in her right ear. The nerve from the truncus cerebri to the right eye and right side of the face goes through the right ear.

She had NO Dexamethasone. The sounds in the ear disappeared shortly after radiation was finished.

Two weeks after radiation we thought of clearing up possible rest mets by using Sodium Selenite drops (from LEF) in the nose. Clearing up not only in the head, but also in the rest of the liquor through which it has spread. On drop per day which she inhaled as advised in your protocol.  After two or three days the sounds in the ear were back. I thought it must have been the same ROS reaction as caused by the radiation.) So I thought a good sign. We stopped after the 5th day. The sounds disappeared again.

About one month after radiation we stopped the DHA capsules.

Next after every month we tried some maintenance by doing the Sod. Selenite drops in the nose for 5 days and stop taking the Sod. Sel. Capsules during these 5 days. I do not know if the drops and the capsules can be combined as you state in your protocol: NOT more then one drop per day.

In May 2008 (6 months after the radiation) an MRI scan was made from the head. There were NO signs of mets.


Ria had 5 brain radiations during one week only. No Dexamethasone (which inhibits apoptosis in cancer cells) was used to control brain inflammation. They used DHA fish oil before radiation, during radiation and thereafter. One month after radiation DHA use was stopped. Two weeks after radiation they inhaled one drop of LEF ( liquid sodium selenite in the nose for 5 days. Every month thereafter they used sodium selenite in the nose for 4 or 5 days. After 5.5 months the MRI scan showed no signs of cancer.

The radiation caused a ringing in Ria’s right ear. When the the radiation stopped, the ringing stopped. When sodium selenite was administered, the ringing (rubble) began again. They attribute this to the oxidative damage induced by both radiation and selenite in the cancer cells. When selenite is now administered in the nose, there is NO ringing. They believe this confirms that the cancer is now cleared from the brain.


It is possible that radiation alone killed Ria’s brain cancer, but I doubt it. I believe radiation, the absence of Dex and the use of sodium selenite accomplished this incredible cure.


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9 Responses to “Liquid Sodium Selenite”

  1. I must say, that I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

  2. After reading through this article, I just feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you suggest some more resources ?

  3. Richard D. said

    I contracted idiopathic myelod fibrosis. According to my oncologist this was a fatal, non curable, non treatable leukemia and due to my condition, he gave me a very short time to live. This was in December 2009. After taking 5 ml per day of sodium selenite and 40 grams per day of ascorbic acid, my oncologist couldn’t (wouldn’t) believe I turned it around in 5 weeks. After insisting I must have had blood transfusions (He was on holidays during this period) to get the positive result – haemoglobin and platelets back to normal, energy levels high, no weight loss, pain, etc., etc. My white blood cell count was still high, but he took me off the death list. He was quite blase` when I told him what I took to get the great result, but suggested I move on to Ascorbic Acid IV injections after I mentioned I was heading in this direction. I am back at work and life is looking good. Google Sodium Selenite or Elaine Hollingsworth and follow the links. In case there are any dreamtakers who want to knock my results or even the FDA, I have got copies of all my tests and I took not once ounce of treatment from the oncologist (no chemo). My oncologist said no cure, quick death. My self treatment including sodium selenite and ascorbic acid worked or was it good luck or divine intevention. I will go with the sodium selenite and ascorbic acid. The luck was all mine.

  4. B.M. Schulte said

    I have colorectal cancer (cancer was removed 4 month ago but I am stage Duke C3.
    I am on chemo (3rd) and have terrible side effects.
    Sodium selenite was recommended by an american Doctor but my oncologist here in UK does not weant to hear
    about it.
    I would be very grateful if somebody could give me further informmation.
    many thanks in advance

    • cancerfighter said

      Margareta, you are going to have to learn that UK doctors are hostile to everything non-conventional. You must learn to have the confidence to ignore them and do everything you feel may help. Go to for a free book about people who have cured their cancers using alternative therapies. I have been researching this subject for 18 years now and when I get canhcer I will only do the alternatives. Jonathan

      • B.M. Schulte said

        to Jonathan,
        Sorry I did not reply earlier, but I have had a bad time. I ended up in Hospital during each chemo cycle, until my oncologist reduced my tablet chemo to 60%.
        I have tried to find here in UK alternative treatment, like Mistletoe, oxygen and vitamin C IV>
        These are treatments used in Germany even at a normal hospital for cancer.
        I found a contact in America who was willing to send me the liquid sodium selenite, but I was not sure if it was safe to take it without my Oncologists’ knowledge.
        I would also like to have a detox, but there are no facilities around here.
        Could I take sodium selenite withour telling my doctor?
        many thanks for your reply
        kindest regards

      • cancerfighter said


        Could you take sodium selenite without telling your doctor? Of course you could. Should you? That’s really you decision. If you decide to talk to your doctor I would phrase it in this way: “Are there any specific dangers that you know of that would make my taking sodium selenite problematic given the chemo regime I am on?” If he cannot come up with anything concrete then I would go ahead.

        There are places in UK that offer IV vitamin C (The Dove Clinic) and detox is available at ayurvedic clinics in UK and at the Gerson clinic in Hungary – but just drinking juiced fruit and vegetables is detoxing.


      • B.M. Schulte said

        Dear Johnatan,
        Thank you very much for your reply.
        I have now found a Doctor in Bristol who is prepared to see me regarding alternative medication.
        He will give IV vit. C and Misteltoe by injection.
        As I have my 5th vhemo next week I will see him on the 24th of March.
        Where would I be able to get the sodium selenite you recommended here in UK?
        Thank you for your troubloe.
        kindest regards

  5. B.M. Schulte said

    Dear All
    Thank you so much for your support. I have now visited the Dove clinic in Twyford and Dr Kanyon is very supportive.
    I will see him again in 10 days time. He has put me on detox medication to improve my immumsystem, as my blood was so bad
    My last chemo 10 days ago was so bad that I could not take the chemo tablets tablets. My heart has also suffered and I was rushed to hospital and are now on heart tablets for arrithmia. Dr. Kanyon discovered that my heart is now very weak. I do hope I can soon start on selenium and hope The Docve clinic can monitor me .I am so glad I can talk to people who are in the same position. I have no dialog with my oncologist and feel I have really nobody I can discuss my worries with as my husband is so scared and worries about me.
    thanks again for all your support

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