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Experience with IV Vitamin C

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 19, 2008

From Dr Loretta Lamphier to a yahoo discussion:

I think that 50 grams per session (should be every day) is most likely not
enough Vitamin C and I agree with Leonard in that the non-corn derived is
best. They used to use beets and now they use tapioca. This can become a
very expensive protocol unless you have a family member that can do the

We used Dr. Takemoto’s protocol (tapioca derived Vitamin C) when my Mom had
breast cancer. She was getting 75 grams of his Vitamin C IV mix every day.
She had been doing very well using natural medicine and then my Dad’s late
stage Alzheimer’s disease got to be VERY stressful and her tumor markers
began to climb a bit. She was trying to take better care of him than
herself. We put her on the BioImmune full protocol but she was probably not
being as faithful with some things – except for the IV as we did these at
her home every day. We did witness the cancer growing during this time as
she fell and broke her hip and tests showed it had spread into the bones.
We also began to see the cancer come to the skin around where her port had
been placed. She had to go into rehab for her hip and they would not allow
the Vitamin C IV and within 2 months she was gone.

I have seen several cases where the IVs were great – until they were
stopped. Then it seemed the cancer came back quickly. And I believe that
Dr. Takemoto suggests using at least 75 grams on a daily basis for active
cancer. It’s not something that I have seen work even as effectively as the
Budwig Protocol, but, as we all know, SO much depends on the emotions/stress
levels and on how willing a person is to change their lifestyle. I would
guess that people do get results, as you say Leonard, as it seems to be
praised all the time – but I have never witnessed any, first hand.

Be Well

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”



One Response to “Experience with IV Vitamin C”

  1. Cathie G said

    I was very interested in your comment. Having just had a non-invasive lump removed from my breast I am seeking to do some mineral therapy, preceeded by large doses of IV vitamin c, non-corn form, to clean up the stray cells that may seem to have been released with the surgery (shown by thermography). My husband is an EMT and my sister in law is a nurse at a large local hospital, both are quite capable of giving me the iv’s at home. However, I have been unable to locate a source for purchasing this type of vitamin c (liquid IV non-corn source). I feel the vitamin c is a critical part of the mineral therapy I plan to do and will prepare my body well to receive the vitamin therapy. I know that oral vitamin c has to go through the digestion process and loses a lot of it’s potency, therefore. I also see that you are a doctor. Do I need to get the IV C from a doctor? Or I can purchase it myself? Any suggestions?

    Any help you can offer would be sincerely appreciated…

    Cathie G.

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