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Sunburn? No Problem

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 30, 2008



The sun is good for you – but how can we protect ourselves?


First, Are Sunscreens Good for Us?


Not according to this:


Sunscreen Causes Cancer! 5/29/2008 – (NaturalNews) Given the fact that just about everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, it is interesting that there is a complete lack of regulation of cancer-causing ingredients. ..Read Mike Adam’s article:

(NaturalNews) Given the fact that just about everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, it is interesting that there is a complete lack of regulation of cancer-causing ingredients in skin care products. There are over 150 toxic cancer-causing ingredients currently used in cosmetic products alone. According to federal law, products containing cancer-causing substances should carry a written warning. But the FDA does not enforce this law with cosmetics or personal care products. Consumers are left to purchase these products at their own risk, and as a result they are being harmed by them.

Let’s consider a product that’s harming tens of millions of people every day in America alone: sunscreen. Sunscreen products do not block ultraviolet radiation very well unless you apply multiple coats, but there has been a flurry of research lately on the harm caused by sunscreen chemicals. These chemicals actually promote skin cancer. This product is causing the very condition from which it claims to protect people.

The skin is not the only organ that is harmed by sunscreen chemicals. Those chemicals are absorbed by the skin, circulate throughout the body and end up harming the liver, the organ responsible for neutralizing chemicals in the body. The continued use of sunscreen products — especially those with fragrance in them — will inevitably harm the liver and, in my opinion, can lead to organ failure or liver cancer.

Sunscreen is not the only harmful product people put on their skin; consider perfume and cologne. In an effort to smell attractive to others, consumers routinely put toxic chemicals on their bodies that come out of beautifully designed glass bottles. Most people do not realize that these fragrances are often made from toxic substances that are known to cause cancer; the perfume industry gets away with murder. This includes everything from skin cream to moisturizer lotion, not to mention shower soaps and other cleaning products with added fragrance. Unless you are buying the natural forms of these products from truly organic companies, there is no doubt that you are applying a bewildering array of harmful chemicals to your skin. And when you put them on your skin, they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.


Consumers’ bodies are like toxic chemical dumps

This is partly why consumers in Western society have hundreds of different synthetic chemicals lodged in their livers, hearts, brains, and other organs. If you keep exposing your body to these chemicals, they will keep accumulating. All of these products ultimately lead to liver cancer and other serious disorders caused by chemical stress on your body. Eventually, immune system suppression will kick in and you will succumb to some form of cancer or other type of immunity breakdown, including autoimmune disorders. It takes a focused detoxification effort to get these chemicals out.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so its health is crucial to your overall health. It has the largest mass and surface area of any organ in your entire body, and your skin is in contact with the outside environment more than any other organ in your body. Your skin exchanges chemicals with the environment; even if you do not put chemicals on your skin, it still exchanges air and water with the environment.

This is easy to demonstrate by taking a swim, and then observing how your fingers start to look like raisins — you are actually drinking water through your skin. Chemicals in swimming pools are a genuine health hazard, and chlorinated pool water has been found to cause bladder cancer. The best place to swim is the ocean, where you can absorb water that has natural minerals, rather than in chlorinated city water.

The skin easily absorbs chemicals

But many substances go through your skin other than water. This simple fact was denied for many years by proponents of conventional medicine, who said the skin was some sort of barrier. This was before they figured out that they could use the skin to deliver drugs; now we have patch delivery systems for nicotine, birth control, and even Alzheimer’s patches that actually deliver a measured dose of drugs through the skin.

Nevertheless, the cosmetics industry continues to make products with extremely hazardous chemicals. The FDA claims that these products are safe because they are not consumed orally. You would be amazed to find what the FDA allows to be sold as long as it says, “for external use only.” The assumption is that it will stay external and not be absorbed into the body, so its toxicity is irrelevant, but we now know this is not true. Toxic chemicals on the skin quickly lead to toxic blood in the body.

Some molecules, of course, are too large to be absorbed through the skin, but most of the chemicals found in personal care products and sunscreen products actually do go right through the skin. The same is true with fragrance, hair color products and all varieties of personal care products that contain toxic chemicals. So, the next time you are shopping for any personal care products, keep in mind a good rule I learned from Amazon John, the founder of the Amazon Herb Company: Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Amazon Herb’s Lluvia skin care line is made with substances you can actually eat. You certainly cannot make that claim about the cosmetics you find in department stores — let’s face it, they are mostly just chemicals prettied up in expensive-looking packaging and sexy advertising.

Think carefully about what you put on your skin. Safeguard your skin just as you would any other organ in your body. Your skin is exchanging chemistry with the environment, and if you want to be a healthy individual free of toxic chemicals in your liver, heart, brain, kidneys and many other organs, it’s time to stop putting cancer-causing chemicals on your skin. Throw out the junk cosmetics, skin lotions, creams, cleansers, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, and all other personal care products that deliver a harmful dose of bad chemistry.




Other Suggestions


These suggestions come from the Yahoo Oleandersoup chat group


Rhoda  wrote:

Nontoxic skin lotion mixed with flax oil, reapplied  whenever heat recurs  will end sunburn pronto. My husband had skin poisoning, purple blood beneath his forearms for over 20 years from working outdoors in desert in short  sleeves. I mixed FO into skin cream, and within 2  weeks his skin turned from purple to brown. Within 2 months, this long term  problem was gone.  By the way, one of the effects of FOCC is  prevention of sunburn. I was in  high desert last year, and didn’t need the nontoxic  sunburn cream I acquired  as preventive.


Melly wrote:


Coconut oil when applied on sunburns/kitchen burns
with blisters, removes pain and also if you apply at
night and wrap the injured area, the next morning, it
is like nothing happened to it.

Kelly wrote:


We have had super luck with Lavender essential oil mixed with and any oil (since the burns typically happen in the kitchen I just use olive oil).  It takes the pain of a burn away almost immediately.  Also, we use the homeopathic remedy cantharis.  My sister in-law received a bad steam burn when she lifted the cove to a pot of boiling water.  It was looking like it would definitely blister.  Not knowing how she would respond I waited a few hours before I finally asked her if she wanted to try some cantharis.  She was willing and the pain subsided substantially. (it works best if you take it immediately) .  She called me the next day to tell me that she was amazed.  Not only did it never blister, there was barely a pink spot showing where the burn originated. 


Renee wrote:

I totally eliminated my sunburn in 3 days using chaparral tincture!  I am fair skinned and burn easily.  This spring I was out in the sun for 4 hours.  It was cool and windy and so I never gave the sun a thought, and after visiting with a friend for 4 hours outside, when I got into my car to go home I felt heat on my face.  An hour later, when I got home, and looked in the mirror, my face was burnt, along with my upper chest that shown above my shirt.  Now normally, this would mean days of pain and then my skin would peel and I’d look like a lizard with all that loose, white, peeling skin.


The only thing I had on hand was chap tincture, made from vodka and dried chaparral that I had purchased on line.  I immediately poured a tiny bit in my hand and then rubbed it all over the burn.  I did this about 5 times the rest of that day, and by evening the pain was less than half.  My skin felt very dry from the alcohol so the last time, before bed, I put on some store bought skin cream.  Next day I did this routine again, only for 4 times, and had no pain at all by that afternoon.  This time, after each chap application I put on some cream to help with the dryness.  I noticed that my skin looked as if it actually had a tan!  I realized this actually came from the chap tinc as it is very dark brown and has a tendency to slightly stain the skin.  But because I don’t tan (I simply burn, peel and new skin stays white for the next burn) this “fake” tan looked nice.


By the third day I only applied the tinc once, and never did I experience any more burning or any peeling at all.  I have heard that for a large sun burn over the body you can put dried chap herb into bath water and it will relieve the burn.  I believe it now.  I’m glad I tried the chap tinc because now, though I do avoid burning, when it accidently happens again I’ll know how to avoid the whole burn pain and peeling scenario.  I am also going to try it as a sun burn preventative next time I’m going to be outside for a length of time. 



Aja wrote:


Eat a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste per day for about 3 months, as it reduces the damage done by sunburn, thanks to lycopene. Saw this successfully tested on The Truth About Food – BBC Science Unit.

I noticed a product that Mike Adams sells – AstaZan. I had already bought some elsewhere for a family member who doesn’t use cancer-causing sunscreens because he had contact dermatitis as a child after an ignorant teacher applied some to his skin. Well, he got through our southern hemisphere summer without burning despite working as a volunteer in a community organic garden. He is a red head.
It may work out cheaper than a large supply of tomato paste too. One could easily get tired of such a daily dose! It contains astaxanthin, Vitamin E, lutein and GE free safflower oil.
Oddly enough, the same programme above mentioned that eating spinach for its lutein content, for 3 months, increased a lady’s macula by 10%  – she had macula degeneration. The average improvement in the rest of the group was 17%. In one lady, there was no improvement, but there was nothing wrong with her eyes to start with.

The cancer-causing sunscreens are promoted by the Cancer Society in NZ, to raise funds for their quest to find a cancer cure.



Robert wrote:

I just got one heck of a sunburn and I was told that mustard rubbed in the sunburn will take out the burn. I tried it & it sure does. It makes it more bearable and I was even able to sleep at night.


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”




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