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croatian herbalist with good reputation

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 1, 2008

This was an anonymous email:

My very good friend is having brain cancer. She had an operation, but
doctor didnt do anything axcept he opened head and closed without any
surgery. He gave her 15 days of living more. She was in condition that
she can not talk and walk. But her family didnt want to give up and
traied with alternative. There is a man in Montenegro – place Cetinje
( his name is Jovo ) preparing some drinks and curing cancer sick
people. Three doses of that drink ( 3 liters ) helped many sick people
in former Yugoslavia. If somebody is interesting I will be happy to
help by my informations. His telephone no. is 0038186235196 and its
allowed to call him till 13,00h after that he is not answering because
he is preparing that licquid.
My friend now is walking and talking ( not so purfect as before but her
development is quite visible). She didnt die after that 15 days, she
improved her self much better.
I dont know does Jovo speak English or not but its worth to try on any

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”



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