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Supporting chemo – Al’s advice

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 30, 2008

  I started immune system builders about 6 weeks before I began chemo.  I had my blood and hair analyzed by a certified nauturopath. 
  The following is what the naturopath put me on.
  Melatonin   20mg  once in evening
  Multi Vitamin without iron or copper 6 a day
  Cod Liver oil 1 tlbs a day
  Green Tea Extract 1600 mg a day
  Coreolus-PSP Mushroom extract 1600 mg a day
  Calcium 600 mg a day
  Magnesium 300 mg a day
  2-4 cups green tea a day
  I have had no mouth sores, loss of weight, no loss of appetite except on chemo days and about 2 days after.  No severe nausea.
  I also changed my diet to total organic.  I have had red meat thee times in the last six months so most of my protein comes from vegetables, fish, egg whites, whey protein, organic chicken.
  I hope this helps, but remember this is for my immune system and everyone is unique.
  Spokane WA


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