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Cancer and sugar (2)

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 30, 2008

Here’s an email from “Dr. Loretta Lanphier”

It’s more complex than just the statement “sugar feeds cancer”. Below are
two fairly good explanations. After that some quotes by Lothar Hirneise.
Hope this helps.

Does Sugar ‘Feed’ Cancer? (sources/references included)
Author: Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD | For: Cancer Nutrition Info, LLC
http://web.cancernu tritioninfo. com/main. cfm?id=1425& display=yes& RequestTimeo

Sugar and Cancer
http://www.mercola. com/2000/ oct/8/sugar_ cancer.htm

“A tumour is the body’s solution to a problem. A tumour forms because
someone is no longer producing adrenaline, which is needed to break down
sugar. An excess of sugar is dangerous, so the body produces tumours.
Tumours ferment – burn – sugar. They also use a lot of energy – sugar – due
to the fast division of cells. That’s why some tumours grow so fast. Cancer
function like liver cells, only much more efficiently. So the tumour
helps you to rid your body of poisons. Without the tumour you would be
really ill. I always tell people: ‘The tumour is not your problem. A tumour
is an incredibly ingenious solution on the part of the body.’ When you get
healthy, the tumour disappears on its own, which is why you shouldn’t
immediately operate to remove it. First detoxify yourself. If the tumour
continues to grow – which is almost never the case – you can always operate

Cancer is not a problem. Cancer is a solution.

Cancer cannot exist without stress. One hundred percent impossible! There
are a lot of debates on types of stress – physical and psychological – but
for a cell it doesn’t matter where the stress comes from. Every cancer
patient has a sugar problem. Insulin transports sugar to cells. Adrenaline –
and to a lesser extent cortisol and glucagon – takes it away. Everyone
thinks that if you are under a lot of stress, you have an excess of
adrenaline. This is true, but it’s only the beginning. Long-term stress
results in adrenaline shortages. That’s what you see in cancer patients. So
the cell is full of sugar that is not broken down. These cells die. Sugar is
a poison; too much of it destroys your arteries, your kidneys and your
bones. The body combats that danger by creating tumours – as a last resort
for getting rid of the sugar surplus.

~~Lothar Hirneise – “Chemotherapy Helps Cure Cancer and the World Is Flat”

Be Well~


One Response to “Cancer and sugar (2)”

  1. mary-ann said

    Please tell me why if anyone can be of help to someone fighter cancer
    Why do you need to sell a book on it why cant you just Want to be of help
    The need to make money on someones pain is so unfair…please change your ideas and watch the responds.the saying its better to give then receive does not touch your would be blessed for your kindness and much richer for it .

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