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Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 30, 2008


by Valerie Jeffery DMS Astrol., F.A.P.A.I.


I moved to Dorset with my husband a week before Christmas 2001.  Almost a year later in October 2002 because I was with a new medical practice I was asked to attend the mobile mammogram unit for screening, a year earlier than I was due.  This accompanied the feeling that I was meant to go for some reason!  At the end of October I was recalled to Poole Breast Screening for another mammogram.  An area in my right breast looked different to the left, and by the time I went for further tests, this was verified as new, because they had scrutinised my last mammogram which had been sent from Luton.  I had another mammogram, plus an ultrasound scan which showed a very small suspect area, difficult for doing a biopsy, but this was eventually achieved, and I can think of better ways of spending Halloween!


On the 7th November I learned that unfortunately, the biopsy did not yield a result, which meant I would have to have a tiny area removed surgically to know if it was benign or malignant.  This hospital appointment was telephoned to me by my Macmillan Nurse, Frances, early one morning.  As I still did not know what I was medically dealing with, I was not yet in a position to make an informed choice about my treatment, but realised that there was no biopsy report for a reason.  I felt I was meant to be admitted into hospital to make contact not only with other patients, but with members of the breast-care team.  An important experience for me personally, especially as a healer.  I had recently come to hear of many experiences of cancer patients I knew, from youngsters to mature ladies such as myself, and I knew I could not go down the orthodox route.   


On the evening of my Admittance to Chickerell Ward at DorsetCountyHospital on the 3rd December, I found myself the only patient in the Day Room for the evening meal, accept for one other lady, Gill.  We sat down together, and it was clear from her conversation, that like me, she was on the holistic wavelength.  We both questioned a great deal of what was on offer on the medical pathway, and Gill provided me with what I needed at this time, a copy of the pilot issue of ICON!  The case histories in this magazine were of the kind I had read now and again over the years, but had not kept.  People healing themselves of cancer in alternative ways such as diet, affirmations, various healing disciplines, prayers, etc.  (I sometimes forget that whatever I need to know is out there on the Internet!)  Not only these wonderful stories, but all the detailed advice necessary on what to cut out of your diet, what to include a lot of, organically where possible, and the high doses of supplements you need, all to reverse the cancer cells – normal cells that have not renewed themselves correctly for some reason were all there in ICON.  As soon as I returned home, I sent for a subscription to include the few back copies I had missed.


On Monday, 16th December, I attended the breast-care clinic to be told I had Invasive Breast Cancer Grade 3.  It goes up to Grade 4.  The hospital wanted me to have more surgery to make sure that the cancer cells and pre-cancerous cells were removed, plus a couple of lymph nodes under the arm to check that the cancer had not spread.  This I declined, but said I would still attend the clinic appointment they wanted to give me, so that I could tell them exactly what I was doing to heal myself.  I had by this time already researched what to cut out of my diet and what to include more of, as a healthy background to clearing cancer cells.  Now I had to include the necessary high doses of many important cancer-clearing supplements.  I was, as a veggie/vegan, halfway there, and should have been very healthy, but I had been neglecting myself nutrition-wise for a long time and undermined my immune system.  Busy, busy, busy, just a quick cup of coffee and on with my various freelance work in animal welfare, environmental issues, astrology, healing, writing, etc., etc., etc.  You sometimes think you are superwoman, or superman, and that you will be sustained if you are on the right pathway, but you have to live by the rules of this dimension, too.  The absence of the necessary nutrition to sustain my physical body, I know, had been the main cause of it not being able to regenerate cells normally.  By Wednesday, 18th December I had my healing regime in place.  Already taking Menopace, a vegetarian 22 nutrient tablet for menopause as I had come off of HRT, I added Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, Kyolic Garlic, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Phyto Soya and Milk Thistle Complex, all vegetarian.  The most important supplement I took, and still take in a lower dose, has been MGN 3 ‘Bio Bran’ which consists of the outer husk of brown rice and the enzymes of three Japanese mushrooms.  Information on this wonderful product is out there on the Internet and available from The Nutri Centre and The Really Healthy Company, both in London.          


As a campaigner for animal welfare since the 60’s, I have been aware for a long time that natural products for our personal use and in our homes means less pollution of both ourselves and our environment.  The less animal ingredients AND chemicals the better.  In this day and age our infrastructure has been so undermined by industry, manufacturing and commercialisation.  Power and money are the gods worshipped by those at the top, at the expense of Mother Nature and Planet Earth.  We are unfortunately reaping the consequences more and more.  Armed with this knowledge, I was not about to subject my body voluntarily to radiation and chemicals as a means to combat my cancer cells, especially as it would only be targeting the cells that were known, i.e. in the right breast.  The whole body needs to be treated.  I could not do that to the body I had nurtured all my life, but unfortunately had unknowingly neglected and caused it to struggle to sustain itself.  It needed love and nutrition.  Somewhere along the line, the medical profession handed over the healing of cancer to technology.  I find this so hard to believe, knowing what I now know about cancer, and the technology.  It is not the disease we have to worry about, it is the medical treatment.  This is not only my opinion but countless others, including a good cross-section of the medical profession itself.  As a healer and writer I had to go down this pathway.  If I had not experienced cancer myself I would not have gained all the knowledge I have doing a crash-course in healing my body as soon as possible.  I can now also say with true understanding to cancer patients, that I do know how they feel, and help support them in whatever decisions they make concerning their treatment, be it medical or holistic, or both, and help them with the mental and psychological anguish that accompanies this experience. 


Whilst following my regime, I also had all the support I could wish for from friends and healers, plus I was guided to new contacts and books for invaluable information.  I found myself having the most profound conversations with complete strangers who are prominent people in the arena of health.  There was a great deal of networking going on, to pass around individual knowledge and experience.  Aware as I have been since childhood of more than this life in this dimension, the guidance I received during this period of time has been amazing.  Our angels are there for us to ask for their help with even the most mundane tasks.  Because of the transformation that the experience of cancer can bring about, it can become a blessing in disguise.  Even whilst healing myself I was able to support and help others with all that I was learning.  This was an added bonus at a time when my life, out of shear necessity became very home-based.  


At the beginning of my self-healing, in January 2003 I was told by one of my new contacts of a Dr. Robert Jacobs who healed cancer patients and had a clinic in Dorset.  They were old colleagues and he did not know how up-to-date the information was that he had.  He gave it to me and I filed it away, as he seemed to be quite a distance for the short January days, when I needed to be at home, keeping to a strict support system of meals and supplements.  However, about three months later, a lady at a health store in Dorchester who had been invaluable helping me to sort out the milligrams and micrograms, etc. for my supplements in December, gave me a book she thought I might like to read.  It was ‘The Wise Woman’ by Judy Hall with Dr. Robert Jacobs!  Judy is a fellow professional astrologer, who like me belongs to The Association of Professional Astrologers International, and I realised that Dr. Jacobs was her partner!  Obviously, the time was right to see him, with the longer days of Spring and a more flexible regime in place.


I visited Rob on 20th May, 2003.  He is a doctor who has combined conventional medical training with a study of Eastern Philosophies and systems of healing.  He has studied medicine in China, Germany and England, and Acupuncture with Dr. Julian Kenyon.  Using electro-diagnostic apparatus, Dr. Jacobs can obtain a reading from the body’s energy field, and in my case could find no trace of cancer in my body whatsoever.  Within 5 months my healing had taken place.  My surgeon had told me that they would not be able to tell me if I was in remission, but I knew someone out there could!  With screening the whole body in this way, who needs a mammogram to look at only the breast area, which according to American research is equivalent to 1000 x-rays!


Right from the beginning of my healing regime I soon began to look and feel really well, and more in touch with my true self which I did not realise I had lost sight of in the hustle and bustle of this modern age.  As Chris Woollams has said in ICON and in his book ‘Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer’ the make-up of the cancer patient is very much the ‘people pleaser’, and it does seem that putting others first habitually can lead to self-neglect when time and energy are at a premium.    



Appart from ICON and the books mentioned in the above article, recommended reading is as follows:-


The Journey by BrandonBays

500 Of The Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need by Hazel Courteney with Gareth Zeal

Health Defence by Dr. Paul Clayton……..Tel: 01296 631177

Frontiers of Health by Dr. Christine R. Page

Say No To Cancer by Patrick Holford……Tel: 020 8870 9119




Valerie Jeffery is a Fellow of The Association of Professional Astrologers International, is an Environmentalist, Writer and Artist.  She has recently had a little book of illustrated stories published for children and imaginative adults. 


April 2008 Postscript:  At the time of writing, my situation has changed since my self-healing of breast cancer early in 2003, in that my husband Neil suddenly passed over three years ago.  Although I still have his loving support and, at times, guidance for achieving things in this dimension that he would normally have dealt with, I have to be a little more flexible in my everyday life.  I do not drive, but am meant to stay in my lovely little home in a village way out in the country with only a church and an inn, whilst maintaining my privacy and independence.  Hence, the computer is very much my lifeline in my new support system.  I have a loving family and we are all spread out down the U.K.  The last time I was able to easily pay my annual visit to Dr. Robert Jacobs for a check-up was the end of 2005, but every time I attended his practice he would say ‘there is absolutely nothing I can do for you, Valerie, you are so healthy’!


Dr. R.A. Jacobs M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. can be contacted at:

Verwood Clinic, Bank Court, Manor Road, Verwood, Dorset BH31 6DW 


Tel: 01202 829189,    Fax: 01202 829413

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”




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