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Cesium Cancer Cure

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 25, 2008

Another story from the Yahoo health groups:

“If you need to find stories of people surviving then you just need
to browse through the long history of posts in here.
I joined the cesium group on June 5 2004. Then I had colorectal
cancer that had spread to even the outside of my (Yes this may be
more than you need to know) rectum, the tumors where visible and
exposed. I received my cesium and took the first dose on June 19th
I still remember the amazing results that my wife saw the very next
afternoon. The visible tumors had shrunk. The large pale white
patches of tissue around my rectum started appear to bruise. The
cancer was going into apoptosis in just 18 hours after my first
That was three and a half years ago. I know that I may have to keep
going back on cesium now and again but the time that I have gained
is so precious to me. My son was only two when I was so sick that
thought I was going to die in my sleep. Now I have had the time to
teach him to ride a bike, fish and even got to see his first crush
on a cute little girl.
Will I still die of Cancer? I might, but I’m not scared of it any
I know that I have a good chance of surviving it if it comes back
again. And as time goes on there is more information that comes out
about self treatment.
I think that you will be hearing more about combining MSM with
When I started my self treatment, using DMSO was almost never
mentioned. Now you can find some good instruction on using it
topically instead of having to ingest Cesium.
I was sick too as I took cesium but I did something that almost no
one will do. I STUCK WITH IT!
It was hard and scary but I wanted to stay here with my wife and
kids. And I wasn’t going without a fight.”

story signed by a man who calls himself “cvg3”

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This is, from now on, my primary encyclopaedia when I have a question about cancer and its treatment.” – Bill Henderson.”



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