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Olivia Newton-John and alternative cancer therapies

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 25, 2008

We live in a celebrity-centred world. What celebrities do is important. Olivia Newton-John was one of the first to come out with the news that she had cancer but that she was using various complementary ways to treat it. The big news is that she is very much still alive and cancer free. Here’s what she told an Australian reporter.“My own treatment was just going there [to the hospital], being treated and leaving,” she says. “I could talk to other women who were being treated, on the telephone, but I never got to meet them. I felt isolated and of course afraid. I feared for my life and the future. I had a seven-year-old child.” Newton-John knew that she needed more than medical treatment. “I had to treat all of myself.”  So Newton-John, a resilient personality, adopted a do-it-yourself approach to her psychological and spiritual wellbeing. “Belief is very important and spiritual practice is very important,” she says. “So I meditated, I prayed and I chanted with my Buddhist friends. I also used some non-oral homeopathy. I found acupuncture useful, especially after chemotherapy, as were massage and relaxation techniques, which incorporated music therapy. And of course I have always known about the benefits of exercise.” Quoted from The Australian (March 17 2007)


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